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A. "SEPARATE components" AND lOR" ANGELS"? it's fascinating to notice that, in an expressly theological treatise akin to the Summa theologiae, St. Thomas mostly makes use of the time period "angel", as opposed to "separate substance"; whereas in works with a much less specific theological rationale - e. g. the Summa contra gentiles and the De substantiis separatis 1 - he as a rule prefers the time period "separate substance". yet at any expense there's little question that the 2 phrases, "separate sub­ stance" and "angel" have a undeniable interchangeability and equivalence within the works of St. Thomas. In different phrases, "the separate substance" is reminiscent of "the angel, insofar as its life and attributes are knowable via human cause alone". And this has led Karl Barth 2 to cost that St. Thomas' angelology is basically a philosophical presenta­ tion, with little relevance to theology. 1 we'd say that those works are "philosophical" insofar as arguments from cause are emphasised in them, instead of arguments from revelation or religion. even if, as Lescoe issues out (in the advent to his version of the De substantUs separatis, p. 8), the treatise on separate elements leads as much as theological subject-matter in Ch. 's XVII ff- particularly, an exposition of Catholic educating as present in Sacred Scripture, the Fathers, and particularly Dionysius. And Chenu continues that the Summa contra gentiles is essentially a theological paintings, since it not just leads as much as theological subject-matter in Bk.

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